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Flow content elements

Flow content is a broad category that encompasses most elements that can go inside the <body> element, including heading elements, sectioning elements, phrasing elements, embedding elements, interactive elements, and form-related elements. It also includes text nodes (but not those that only consist of white space characters).

Different subset type belong to the flow content

Semantic subset

Identify the different sections or area in the body of the document

Textual subset

Defines the level or the type of content in the document.

Hypertextual subset

Link with other web resources.

Listing subset

List representation of the content such as bulleted or ordered lists

Forms subset

Allow the user to input or modify data fields in the document and to submit them to the server.

Basic Table subset

Represent tabular data (think about spreadsheets notion).

Image subset

Presentation subset

Historically used for styling the content, these elements have, now, a more semantic role.